How to answer contract law questions?

This is the first step in analyzing a question, it is to identify the legal issues that raise the facts of the question. WHEN THE CONSIDERATION IS ILLEGAL A valid contract requires that the consideration be valid or a legal contract with illegal consideration cannot be enforced. The Privy Council held that if a minor makes a contract fraudulently expressing his or her age older than the real thing, he cannot be detained under the rules of impediments that he was a minor at the time of the contract. Chapter 5 of the Contracts Act of India deals with such situations under the heading of certain relationships that resemble those created by contract.

The money lender opposed this lawsuit saying that the previous contract is voidable, you are entitled to receive the loan amount under sections 64 and 65 of the Contracts Act i. V

(i) Needs Contract- Under section 68 of the Contracts Act of 1872, the minor is also responsible for what is necessary. Only those agreements are contracts that meet the conditions of section 10 and according to section 10 for a contract the parties must be competent, consent must be free. Under section 68 to 72 It has been recognized by India's contract law under the heading of, Certain relationships resembling those contracts.

Ii i) Service Contract - These are for the benefit of minors i v) Apprentice Contract Training period of any minor who is receiving training from any person, because the training minor will earn his or her livelihood.

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